What You Can Expect from Your Maid Service

Because of schedules being so hectic these days, it is common for you to enlist maid service to try and keep your household in shape. What do maid services offer? Maid service Austin, maids near me, maids in Austin provide varying services depending on the type of business that is contracted.

When contacting a maid service be sure to find out everything that is included with the price that they will quote you. To be sure you are getting the most for your money you will want to know up front what you will be getting for the quoted price.

What do maid services offer?

Vacuuming – this is the bigger part of their service; however, it should involve more than just normal visible carpets. Since this service is paid, it should include moving the furniture and covering every area in your home. It also includes a full vacuuming all your furniture.

Windows – all windows should be cleaned. This is very standard. However, outside service may not be included in the service. This is something that should be covered during the initial meeting with the maid service.

General Cleaning – this includes the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom together with the living space. All area should be thoroughly cleaned. For bedrooms, it includes changing linens. All litter bins must be emptied, floors swept clean and mopped. Your kitchen can be a tricky area to clean. Duties including cleaning of fridge alongside the outside and inside of the oven.

Shopping and Cooking – this is something that would be part of a high-end package. An agreed-upon menu would be supplied each week and the service would shop and then prepare the meals as agreed upon. The meals would be refrigerated and/or frozen for the week and could be prepared in a matter of minutes when the customer was ready to consume them.

Pets – upkeep of pets can be very difficult and this is something that should surely be included in the service. For instance, if there is a cat in the home, the changing of the litter box may be included in the service. If there are pets, it is necessary to ensure that maid in Austine are vacuuming your furniture and also deodorizing your furniture and floors to eliminate the smell of the pets creeping into your household.

Most maid services do not include washing laundry in their list of professional tasks. Occasionally a family will encounter a business that is willing to do this service, but it should never be assumed. If cleaning service is willing to do laundry, it is usually expected that there will be extra charges incurred as a result.


Maid service Austin, maids near me, maids in Austin provides a great way to make your life a little easier, but you want to make sure that you are getting true value for the money that is being spent. If you are just looking to keep your house tidy, you can spend very little and get this accomplished. While it may cost you a little more to get full maid service, but many find it well worth it so that they can truly enjoy their downtime.